Gutter Guards

gutter guards

Gutter Guards


Gutter Guards are a great way to prevent your downspouts from clogging. They also keep your gutters from filling with debris with things as leaves, twigs, whirly birds, nests. Yes, tennis balls too. We have several styles available to keep those things out and keep the water flowing.

Shur-Flo Leaf Guard

Is one type of gutter guard that very effective in keeping the gutters and downspout clear of debris. They are fairly easy to install. It does involve lifting the tabs on the shingle. Which risks potentially breaking the shingles.

Foam Gutter Stuffers

These have a tendency to fail prematurely. Keep in mind they are just that. Foam! They get clogged with debris from seeds and small particles. You may get a 3-year warranty if you’re lucky. We will provide them if you ask for them. They are on the lower end when comes to cost. We will not give more than a 1-year warranty on them.


LeafFilter’s micromesh filter keeps everything out of your gutters except for water. Just like they describe there are micro holes in the guard to prevent even the smallest of twigs and seeds from entering the gutter.

Leaf Guard

The large opening runs the entire length of the gutters, which will allow pine needles, leaves, debris, and shingle grit to enter and clog your gutters. they are also quite expensive. Not just the guard themselves but the installation is time-consuming and so. more expensive.

Vinyl Covers

There are several different types of vinyl covers. Some are more effective than others. Some clip on. Others have to be slid under the shingles. I have seen when these get weathered they become brittle from the sun and crack. Then the debris eventually gets in. They typically last about 5 years. I personally have seen them come loose too often and you have to pick them up off the ground and reinstall them with bread ties.



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