Power Washing

power washing

Power Washing

Power washing is a vital aspect of maintaining a residential and commercial appearance in your neighborhood. Not to mention just the general maintenance of your investment. Just Gutter Cleaning offers several power washing services. Including, Siding, Decks, Roofs, Sidewalks, Gutters, Windows and More.


Warm, wet climates can fuel the growth of mold, mildew, and algae which over time can break down the surfaces on which they grow causing roof damage. Power washing can protect and extend the life of these surfaces and keep them looking new.

Roofs Power Washing

Just Gutter Cleaning offers a lower pressure wash system specifically designed to clean and seal roofs without causing damage to the shingles. Special solutions help remove harmful algae and mold without damaging the roof itself. Also, a clean roof has a longer lifespan. What most homeowners don’t realize is that moss on asphalt shingles will start to create a root system. That means it will cause pitting and even penetrate through the shingles allowing water to seep in and cause extensive damage. If you see moss on your roof, you’ll want to remove it as soon as possible.See our roof cleaning page to learn more.

Decks & Patios

Our deck and patio cleaning service is second to none. Nobody enjoys a deck if it’s covered in mold and mildew. Let us rejuvenate your old deck and bring the fun back into sitting on the deck during the short summer months that we have here in Rochester, NY

Brick & Siding

We also specialize in brick, stucco, aluminum and vinyl siding. for a fresh new look for your home. Do you have graffiti on your business? We can remove it. Our industrial strength pressure washing system can restore your exterior back to new. Is that mold and mildew on your new vinyl siding starting to bother you? Don’t worry! We know how to bring it back to that glossy new look.

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